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academy for teaching and training of adults

INSTRUCTUS is an academy for teaching and training of adults in professional fitness providing, located in Zagreb, Croatia. It was established in 2013 by the board of Association of Croatian Aerobic Instructors (in Croatian, Udruga hrvatskih aerobic instruktora, abbreviation UHAI). UHAI is active since 1994 – providing education for aerobic students and aerobic instructors, continuous education, training and workshops with evidence-based information and expertise in providing safe and professional fitness programmes. More than two decades of professional experience, active promotion and implementation of fitness and aerobic in the community of Croatia‘s population developed into officially recognized institution of fitness tutoring and training.

highest professional and moral principles

Institutions INSTRUCTUS and UHAI are characterized by  the highest professional and moral principles, continuous support of sport and fitness in everyday life, networking of trainers and trainees in various fields of fitness industry, assisted exchange of knowledge, skills and experience. Joint efforts of these two institutions is an important factor for spreading and implementing sport and recreational activities in everyday life of every citizen regardless of age, sex or ethnicity. This is a direct contribution to better health and optimal quality of life of the population of Croatia.


UHAI and IINSTRUCTUS have joined EREPS – „More People, More Active, More Often“ and strategic principles of EU Programme for Lifelong learning Programme.


Since 1994 under the auspices of UHAI:
Also, since 1994 many courses of continuing education for aerobic instructors were organized:

Working with children

Since 2000 UHAI organized 43 courses for fitness instructors working with preschool children and teachers in kindergartens attended by 370 participants.

2010 Novigrad – fitness course for kindergarten teachers “Games for Rainy Days”.

In 2011 UHAI is officialy recognized as colaborator of Agency for education, and courses for professional education of teachers are held in Zagreb, Zadar, Split, Rijeka and Slavonski Brod, also:

  • Aerobic Open Day was held for the first time in Zadar “Exercise Days in Zadar”.
  • Since 2011 training courses for aerobic instructors are held in many Croatian cities, e.g. Makarska, Zadar and Dubrovnik.

Foundation of Instructus education centre

In 2013 INSTRUCTUS education centre is established in Zagreb, Croatia. The name of our education centre signifies expertise and high professional standards of our director and team of lecturers, including the knowledge and skills acquired by our students through organized training. Lectures and practicals are followed by examination including both a written test and practical demonstration of examples of fitness classes. Graduates are awarded diplomas recognized by the Ministry of science, education and sport of the Republic of Croatia and European Union. Diploma of INSTRUCTUS graduate qualifies them for European Register of Exercise Professionals – EREPS).

Since 2014 INSTRUCTUS education for fitness instructurs enrolled and certified 88 students, and 35 students are currently attending the course.

INSTRUCTUS mission and values

INSTRUCTUS institution for education of adults for the profession of certified fitness instructor and professional in sport and recreation qualified to implement exercise programmes which are evidence-based and according to the highest international and Croatian professional standards. Upon completion of the course and practicals, passing the exam and demonstrating active knowledge and skills for providing efficient, engaging and safe exercise programme, the student is awarded the diploma of certified professional fitness instructor.

Former students of the INSTRUCTUS academy are invited to join the community of enthusiastic fitness professionals who firmly believe in utmost importance and health benefits of regular exercise and sport for all people. The final goal of our work and ambition is contributing to achievement of physical and mental wellbeing, improvement of quality of life, and building of self-confidence.

Find out in which 7 principles we believe:
Find out in which 7 principles we believe:
We believe in the highest professional standards based on the following principles:
1. Act according to our mission and goals
2. Introduce good practice and professional attitude
3. Engage in continuing education and lifelong learning
4. Ethic and respect for all people
5. Consideration and empathy in your community
6. Transparency of actions and responsibility
7. Critical self appraisal and continuous improvement


Our academy educates many professionals in fitness regardless of age and sex to provide knowledga in high quality exercise programmes, both engaging and safe to perform.

Our team of lecturers and instructors includes professionals from different background to provide a comprehensive and holistic approach to fitness education. Members of INSTRUCTUS TEAM are: experienced and certified aerobic instructors, kinesiology scientists, music teacher, medical doctor, sport psychologist, nutritionist, dance artist, educator in general safety.

We actively develop new fitness aspects and provide support through educational texts on our web site, e-learning, seminars and workshops, and university courses for high quality and contemporary holistic training and permanent solutions for career development in fitness industry.

We represent the leading authority in Croatia in fitness because we provide for both students and professional instructors reliable and evidence based information, references and scientific data on safe and efficient exercise programmes, fitness accessories and tools, new trends and methods.

We coordinate networking for our students and fitness instructors through seminars and workshops, internet tools and professional social networks, and connect with our club members for better support in obtaining their health and fitness goals.

We build strong partnerships with leading Croatian, European and world organizations, instructors and delegates in health and fitness industry, spreading our goals through joint collaboration in order to assist club members in their striving for health and wellbeing benefits, and take part in the global progress of better life for all.

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